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Filament Rope Light


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Q. Are there discounts available for bulk orders?

A. Each order is looked at individually and the discount is given depending on the size of the order or if a trade customer.

Q. When do you get your stock in?

A. We hold stock 12 months of the year. As a manufacturer even if a product is out of stock we can often make it to order within a week.

Q. What are your opening times?

A. The offices are open 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday. In the busy season we are open Saturdays 9.00am - 2.00pm. If our offices are closed we have an answer phone so please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Tel: 01422 884879

Q. What do you charge for delivery?

A. Delivery charges are worked out depending on the weight of your order, ordering online for small orders is advised, for large orders or where the items are bulky please contact our friendly sales team on Tel: 01422 884879 to get a quote.

Q. How soon do you deliver?

A. If the item is in stock we send it immediately on a next day carrier service.

Q. Do you have a show room I can visit?

A. We do not have a show room as such but are happy for people to visit our factory and view the many products we supply and manufacture. Our factory is close to Halifax in West Yorkshire.

Q. Do you have a minimum order quantity?

A. No, our customer database consists of individuals’ right through to large companies; every order is treated as important however big or small.

Q. Do you sell outside the UK?

A. Yes we are happy to sell overseas, just contact the sales team with any questions.

Q. Do you hire products?

A.Yes. We have a range of hire options available on contract terms. Pease enquire with the sales team.

Q. Can you come and install lights for us?

A. Yes. We have a full time installation team, we can either install existing lights or manufacture and install on a contractual basis.

Q. If we come to you with a design, can you produce it for us?

A.Yes, we specialise in bespoke design service. Send us what you want and we will endeavour to fulfill the requirements of the specification.


Q. Can I use my existing lamp harness/festoon with the LED lamps?

A. Yes they fit all standard 2wire lamp harness.

Q. Do you sell Bayonet Cap B/C or Edison Screw E/S

A. Yes we sell both B/C and E/S. We hold a much larger stock of B/C but do supply E/S.

Q. What wattage are the lamps?

A. The lamps use 1watt power consumption and give an equivalent brightness of a 15w lamp.

Q. Are the lamps actually un-breakable?

A. Within the normal parameters of use you would be hard pushed to break the lamp so from an installation point of view they are perfect and ideal for long term installation projects. If a 14 stone man was to jump on one then yes it would break!!

Q. 100,000 hours life expectancy - is this a project figure even if the lamp was on permanently?

A. 100,000 hrs is normal expected life for each LED, as there are between 3-7 LED’s in each golf ball lamp we would easily expect you to get over 100,000 hour life from each lamp.

Q. Will they actually save me any money on running costs?

A. Yes, as the lamps only use 1 watt of power you will have an energy saving of between 93% - 96% compared to normal filament lamps.


Q. Will the lamps change colour together?

A. Yes, the lamps will change through 7 different colours in unison when powered at the same time. If you had 50m of lamp harness with colour change lamps in every holder then the whole length of harness with change colour at the same time.

Q. Do I need any extra equipment to use the lamps?

A. No, you do not need controllers or specialist harness in order to use the colour change lamps, they work with your existing 2 wire harness to create a unique animated display – the lamps do all the ‘magic’ on their own!


Q. Can I buy a short length of rope light rather than a full coil?

A. Yes. We will sell rope light by the metre.

Q. Do you sell low voltage rope light?

A. Yes we have stock of 240v, 110v, 24v and 12v.

Q. Why is LED more expensive than filament?

A. This is due to the cost of producng each individual LED on the manufacturing side. It is a higher quality product and lasts up to 10 times longer therefore saving money overall.

Q. Can you provide technical information eg. wattages, voltages, cutting lengths?

A. Yes these are all available upon request or in many cases can be found in the product specification of each individual item.

Q. Does filament and LED rope light lose power depending on the length run off a power lead?

A. No. The 240v maintains light strength throughout. The filament rope light does have a maximum running length of 100m.

Q. Depending on the type of rope light required eg. 2 wire, 3 wire, 4wire, does the quantity of lamps per meter increase?

A. No: The number of wires increase depending on the effect you want from your rope, not the number of lamps, hence 2 wire - static, 3 wire - flip flop, 4 wire - chasing.

Q. Can all your products be used outdoors?

A. The majority of our products are for outdoor use, if you are unsure please read the product specification or contact the sales team.

Q. Can you provide brackets for your motifs.

A. Yes we can. We provide the equipment to attach motifs to walls, poles and suspend them across a road. The brackets have to be purchased separately.



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