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What are the benefits of using our LED lamps within your displays?


If you are using a normal 25 watt lamp, the 7 LED's in our lamps will reduce your carbon footprint by at least 96%

while maintaining the intergrate of your display.


Our 0.6 watt and 1 watt lamp produces an energy saving of 93% over a normal 15watt lamp and 96% saving over a 25watt lamp. That's a real saving on your electricity bills


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Name SKU Price Thumbnail Image Description Update
0.6 watt LED Golf ball lamp 1SLBLEDA457 £2.49 Golf ball lamp (70x45) 4 colours available - red, green, blue, and yellow Product Details
0.6 watt LED Golf ball lamp white 1SLBLEDA457W £2.75 Golf ball lamp (70x45) white Product Details
Fast Colour Change Golf Ball Lamp 1SLBLEDB451F £2.49 Fast colour change golf ball lamp Product Details
Slow Colour Change Lamp 1SLBLEDB5010S £4.95 Slow colour change lamp Product Details
Colour Change Pre-Programmed Lamp 1SLBLEDB5014 £4.95 Colour change pre-programmed lamp (90x50) option of 'on' or 'off' period in programme Product Details
Lamp Harness/Festoon L2BL330B50 £313.95 Lamp Harness/Festoon 330mm spacing 3 lamps per metre 50m coil

Lamp Harness/Festoon L2BL500B50 £261.42 Lamp Harness/Festoon 500mm spacing 2 lamps per metre 50m coil

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